Online Payment

(Preferred option)

Using the online payment entry form guarantees your entry into the 2017 Solo-Duo Competition.

EFT Payment

(Entry submission)

Entrants are able to complete the online entry form and transfer the entrance fee/s to the CASA account.

Entrants must be aware that in using this option, your entry is not guaranteed until payment has been received and recorded by the CASA Accounts department. 

A confirmation email will be sent to entrants when this is complete, validating that you are eligible to compete.

Entries are now open for the CASA 2017 Solo-Duo Competition

All entries must be received by midnight 29 September

NO Late Entries will be accepted



Entrants should note the following points before entering:
  • All entrants must meet the conditions of CASA Rule 12 which requires the appropriate skill level to have been achieved PRIOR to the closing date for the competitions. If participants do not currently have the required skill level then they are ineligible to enter. Those who intend on entering the November skills exams to get their appropriate level will not be eligible.
  • In completing the entry form for the 2017 CASA Solo-Duo Competitions, you agree to the Terms and Conditions. This includes point 14 as outlined below:

14.  You agree that you will be available to participate at any time and/or in any time slot on any day/night allocated for the competition including any grading session where applicable. No special requests are permitted or accepted under any circumstances and you agree that neither you nor anyone acting for you will contact the CASA office or any CASA representative to make such requests. The making of any request is a breach of these terms and conditions. Once a time and/or day (including any position number) are allocated (as per the conducted draw) these will not be altered.


14.1 For competitions for individuals, if the time or date allocated are not suitable, you may, within 7 days of the posting on the Association website, of the grading session times/dates , apply in writing for a refund of your entry fee and you will be withdrawn from the competition