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ACF Skills Programme

The Australian Calisthenic Federation (ACF) Calisthenic Skills Programme is a National Examination Programme administered by each State/Territory Association. In South Australia, this is the Calisthenic Association of South Australia (CASA).


The examination system was first introduced in 1979 to raise the standard of calisthenics and to unify terminology and technique throughout Australia. Gradually, to standardise competency throughout Australia, various levels have become prerequisites for Solo and Graceful Competitions and also Coaches Accreditation.


The system consists of three divisions – TESTS, GRADES and MEDALS. Within these divisions there is a logical progression through the various elements which make up the foundation of calisthenics.  The Test and Grade examinations are based on a set syllabus and music audio which emphasises technical detail, presentation and knowledge of terminology. In the Medals section choreography and performance are also considered.


South Australian Skills Examiners


Examiners in SA, like elsewhere in Australia, undergo extensive training and updating to qualify for, and maintain, their Australian Sports Council National Officiating Accreditation Scheme examiner accreditation. All must be qualified Level 1 Coaches before they can enter the Examiners Training Scheme.


Examiners are accredited to examine up to certain levels. Candidates for medals are always examined by an interstate adjudicator, so our medal examiners often travel interstate to examine candidates. Examiners also travel to regional areas throughout the year, to present prep days and examine, and at times travel interstate to assist States / Territories who lack a pool of qualified examiners themselves.


In South Australia, our examiners and their highest level of accreditation are:


Mrs Diane Winterling        Gold Medal

Ms Michelle Symons        Silver Medal

Mrs Danae McGregor       Grade 4

Mrs Dianne Nicholls         Grade 1

Mrs Deanna Papalia        Test 3

Lisa Beecken                   Test 3

Michelle Gaffney              Test 3
Jenny Mead                     Trainee 
Merron Lee                      Trainee

Calisthenic Skills Resources

All music and video resources available from the ACF website.  Please ensure the latest version of the syllabus has been downloaded when preparing for an exam  Any queries please contact your skills administrator.


Important Information - Class Examinations, Tests 1, 2 and 3


Please note that Class Examinations are now available for Tests 1, 2, and 3. For information, please click link at left.