Australian Society of Calisthenic Adjudicators

Membership Application

The prerequisite to become an adjudicator, is that you must have coached at a reasonable level of competition and maintained a high standard of coaching accreditation and completion of an application form.


The form requires you to list all Calisthenics training, coaching experience, workshops and seminars attended, relevant adjudicating experience (i.e.timing, writing) and any other qualifications that are relevant to calisthenics (i.e. dance experience, gymnastics, theatre, university courses, TAFE courses, etc).


The application is submitted to Committee for ratification. The applicant will be asked to attend an interview and if all requirements are met, the candidate will be required to sit an entrance examination. At all times applications are considered on an individual basis.


We encourage Coaches to join the ASCA - SA Branch. Please contact Lisa Vettese–   for further information regarding becoming a Cadet Adjudicator. 


If you think you have the knowledge, act now, apply to become an adjudicator.