Australian Society of Calisthenic Adjudicators

South Australian Branch History

It is recorded that the very first meeting of the Association of Calisthenic Adjudicators was held on the 27th February 1976 at the home of Mrs. Binstead, Melbourne Victoria.  In 1977 a delegate of South Australian and Western Australian adjudicators travelled to Melbourne to align with the Victorian branch.  At that time, there was no official accreditation and seniority was taken on experience alone.  Ladies were allowed to commence immediately on joining.  They also wrote for experienced adjudicators to gain knowledge, but this was not mandatory.  This meant that many were “thrown in at the deep end” to judge at a competition.  One could say that experience was “gained on the job”. How things have changed!!


Senior Adjudicators                           Intermediate Adjudicators                             Cadet Adjudicators

Audrey Parsons                                     Rita Ellard                                                             Kay Butterworth

Rhonda Pilkington                                 Diane Harris                                                        Shirley Tilley

Valerie Engel                                                                                                                         Glenys Anderson

Jennifer Feutrill                                                                                                                     Christine Butler

Eileen Trebilcock

Glenda Greenough


The South Australian ASCA Sub-Branch commenced in 1980.  The original members were Audrey Parsons, Rhonda Pilkington, Valerie Engel, Jennifer Feutrill, Rita Ellard, Diane Harris, Shirley Tilley, Mavis Scott, Lynette Edwards and Lisa Engel (Vettese).  The initial Sub Branch meetings were held at the YMCA Hall, North Adelaide, after that, for many years meetings were held in the homes of the members.  More recently, the meeting venue has changed to the Boardroom of the Royalty Theatre.



Criteria For Life Membership


1. Providing an outstanding contribution to the ASCA. 

2. Strong involvement at meetings, seminars, conferences and with Cadets 

3. Maintaining accreditation and constantly updating and improving adjudicating knowledge 

4. Adjudicating a variety of sections and divisions - locally, in the country and interstate 

5. Taking on leadership responsibilities e.g. Cadets, Executive, Sub-Committee 

6. Promoting the ASCA and Calisthenics in general, to the wider community


Life Members of ASCA - SA Branch


Rita Ellard 

Shirley Tilley

Rhonda Pilkington

Kay Butterworth

Valerie Engel 

Beverley Bahr

Pam Walters 

Mavis Scott