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Dear CASA Members, it has been pointed out that some of the promotional material sent out recently in support of nominations for vacancies at the upcoming AGM have exceeded the 250 word limit. This was a oversight by the volunteer Returning Officer Mr Trevor Holst and he apologises for any distress caused. The constitution does not state any penalty for exceeding the 250 word limit. The promotional material sent with the voting documents is not compulsory and it is my opinion as the Returning Officer that no nominee has been unfairly disadvantaged in this case.

Trevor Holst
Returning Officer

2014 Solo Duo Grading Programme
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2015 National Expression of Interest
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2015 National Team Chaperone Application
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2015 National Team Manager Application

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2015 National Coaches
Congratulations to all Coaches appointed.

Sub-Junior National
Coach - Nikki Ianunzio
1st Assistant - Robyn Faehse
2nd Assistant - Kylie Kurylowicz
3rd Assistant - Nicole Berg


Junior National
Coach - Keron White
1st Assistant - Phillipa White
2nd Assistant - Kayla Kearney

Intermediate National
Coach - Melissa Daysh
1st Assistant - Sarah Stephenson
2nd Assistant - TBA


Senior National
Coach - Rebecca Norsworthy
1st Assistant - Kelly Perry (MacDonald)


2015 Item Rotation
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